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Discover More About Your Host - Nicole Chamblin

Nicole Chamblin is a Chief Visionary and Productivity Coach who loves helping busy women get back to the top of their priority list. She is a “procrastination-proof” coach and trainer who delivers powerful, yet loving kicks in the behind to hundreds of frustrated, exhausted women who have been running on the hamster wheel for far too long.

Nicole loves helping busy SHEroes connect with their vision, communicate their goals and collaborate more productively. When they work with her, they learn to kick self-defeating behaviors, knock out their task lists and fill their empty cups—guilt free!

Dedicated to translating knowledge into action, Nicole shares practical strategies to take her clients from busy and overwhelmed to productive and giving from their overflow!

A Results Certified Coach®, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst®, and Certified Team Performance Coach® Nicole loves sharing nuggets of wisdom through training, coaching and mentoring programs. Hundreds of busy professionals in private sector, local and federal government agencies have benefited from her practical down-to-earth approach to the productivity challenges we all face every day.

She’s the host of the Fill Your Empty Cup Summit where SHEroes unlock their vision, lock in their goals and create their success plans to live their dreams.

Nicole believes in walking her talk, collaborating with like minded visionaries and sharing her gifts to help others shine. An island girl transplanted to the cold streets of NYC, she now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and family.

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